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Toni Unleashed #podcast: Season 1/Episode 30

Toni Unleashed #podcast episode #30 Interview With Orphans Of The Storm
A summary of the episode: Toni and Emily are talking with Bethann, who runs, and manages Orphans of the Storm. Orphans is a no kill animal shelter in Kittaning, PA. The builidng is located in a flood zone, that has caused devastation to their building, and animals in years past. They have acquired land above the flood zone and are raising over 4 million dollars to build out the safe and new facility of their dream. Toni and Emily have been volunteering, and organzing adoption events with Orphans since last Thanksgiving when they were asked  to help with Kongsgiving. Since then, Toni has been accepted on the board, and they have maintained a close relationship with Bethann and her Husband, Brian.

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