Toni Unleashed Podcast: Flea and Tick S1E6

Toni Unleashed Podcast: Flea and Tick S1E6

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A summary of the episode: This episode discusses why Toni and Emily do not use mainstream chemical flea and tick repellent and what other holistic and safe options are. 

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Topic #1:Toni and Emily talk about the three top-selling chemical flea and tick products, what is in them and why they can be dangerous. 

Topic #2: Toni and Emily reference Dr.Judy Morgan, why she avoids chemical flea and tick products, and what she recommends that are safe for humans and dogs. They also reference other ways to care for your lawn and pets to make it easier to avoid chemicals. 

Topic #3: Toni and Emily note that chemicals are a good option in various situations, and they do not want anyone to feel bad about using them. They want to share information with their listeners so that they are informed to make the best decision possible for their animals. 

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