Toni Unleashed Podcast: CBD - Just The Basics

Toni Unleashed Podcast: CBD - Just The Basics

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A summary of the episode: In this episode, we touchbase on CBD. Toni and Emily talk about how they use it, what they know about it and what products they choose to recommend. This is a very complicated topic, as CBD is not regulated by the government so there are a lot of cbd companies out there claiming they have the best product but actually cut a lot of corners. Toni and Emily talk about the complexity of CBD and prep their listeners for a follow up episode with a CBD expert who will explain what to look for in a CBD product, and how cbd can help your dog get off a lot of mainstream medicines.

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Topic #1: Toni and Emily talk about what CBD products they sell and why they are the product of choice. There are a couple amazing CBD companies that have been around for a while, because of their quality sourcing, and knowledge of their project.

Topic #2: Toni talks about her use of CBD. How she has used it and why she thinks most dogs and cats should be on it.

Topic #3: Emily talks about being an avid user of CBD for her dogs, which products she uses and why she is a huge fan of using them. 

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