Toni Unleashed Podcast: Baked Kibble

Toni Unleashed Podcast: Baked Kibble

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A summary of the episode: This episode discusses why baked kibble is a great kibble option for your pets. Most pet parents are familiar with extruded kibble, which is what is most commonly represented on shelves. However there is a new trend of companies providing a baked kibble option, and Toni and Emily are here to talk about why a less processed diet is great for your animals.

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Topic #1:Toni and Emily talk about how baked kibble has a variety of nutritional benefits, such as higher amino acid retention, and higher vitamin and mineral retention

Lower Starch load (good for yeasty dogs), lower sugar delivery.

Topic #2: Toni and Emily talk about situations where they have recommended switching a dog from an extruded kibble diet to that a baked kibble diet and why they thought that was beneficial for the dog.

Topic #3: Toni and Emily talk about their experience with baked kibble, how they have used it with their dogs, and which brands they like to use.

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