Toni Unleashed: Hierarchy Of feeding S1E4

Toni Unleashed: Hierarchy Of feeding S1E4

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Hierarchy Of feeding S1E4 

Brief summary of episode: This episode is an introduction to different ways you can feed your dog, and how we would rate them in terms of quality and nutrition absorption. We discuss why we rank Raw feeding towards the top, and grocery store kibble at the very bottom. Anecdotal evidence as well as evidence from esteemed colleagues contribute to this "ranking" 

Bullet points of key topics + chapter markers 

Topic #1: Let's talk about Homemade meals for your dog, why it can be the best and equally dangerous. We start to dive deeper talking about raw feeding, why we choose that route for our dogs, and how it's beneficial and not scary.

Topic #2: As we work our way down the ranking we start to talk about more processed foods. This includes canned, freeze dried, kibble, etc. Though it is not the freshest way to feed, there are still benefits to this particular method of feeding. 

Topic #3: We end the show talking about our own personal dogs, what we feed them and why. We talk about their supplements as well which will segway into the upcoming episodes. 

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