Toni Unleashed Episode 03: Allergies Part 2 with Rebecca Rose

Toni Unleashed Episode 03: Allergies Part 2 with Rebecca Rose

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Episode title and number: Allergies with Rebecca Rose Pt 2 Epi:3 

Brief summary of episode: Today Rebecca joins Toni and Emily to continue the discussion on Allergies. Rebecca is the founder of Inclover Research which develops the only animal wellness supplements scientifically designed for pets’ unique physiology, supporting better health from the inside out. They talk about how her products specifically support dogs with allergies due to food or environment. 

Bullet points of key topics + chapter markers 

Topic #1: Rebecca talks about her history and how she got into the petfood industry. 

Topic #2: Rebecca describes what allergies can look like, how to identify them in your dog, and what is going on inside the body that causes those symptoms. 

Topic #3: Incolver provides many products that can be used together or separately to combat allergy symptoms no matter how severe. Rebecca details how and why her products can help heal a dog suffering from allergies. 

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